October Call for Submissions

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Call for Authors: Bravery and Courage

This year at MOPS, we’re pressing into our bravery. We know that will look a little bit different for everyone. For one mom, brave might be the choice to don a dress one day a week. Another mom might write a book. One mom might find the courage to face a daunting medical test she has been avoiding. Another mom might decide to address a difficult relationship. The possibilities are endless. We’ll be talking about bravery and our brave pursuits all year, but we want to take the month of October to launch into the theme of Be you, Bravely together.

We have a few suggested topics for the blog. Feel free to write on one of these ideas or take some creative liberties.

  • What is the most courageous thing you have ever done? Tell the story.
  • What item of bravery have you been avoiding? Why have you been avoiding it?
  • If you were making a list of the top 5 things in your life that require bravery, what would they be?
  • Teaching children bravery.
  • How can you be brave in relationships?
  • Why not doing something can be the brave choice.
  • Finding the space to be brave when spending all their days raising little people and tending a family.
  • What does “Be you, Bravely” mean to you?
  • Mantras you repeat to yourself to muster courage when it’s needed.

How to Submit

To add your voice to the conversation on health, beauty and self, send your submission tocontent@MOPS.org.

Submission Information

For more information about the tone of our materials and our submission process go towww.mops.org/writers-guidelines. (Insider hint: We take these very seriously, so it’s important you take a peek before submitting.)Submission deadline is September 1st.

Submission Process

Just so you know, all articles are received on speculation. We will respond to all submissions when they are received to confirm submission and obtain submission agreement. If your article is selected for publishing, we will email you in advance with the date we will be publishing and the permalink.

And Since You Always Ask

Yes, you may send material that has been previously published. Just make sure it meets our editorial needs first. Because, again, we take those writer’s guidelines pretty seriously.

What About General Content

Yes, we certainly accept general blog posts about parenting, mothering and woman-related issues. In fact, we’re always up for a good tear-jerker or one of those stories that gets us laughing. We welcome those submissions through the same submissions process, but we should tell you up front since we’re a theme-based blog, we only publish a few per month.

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