SimplyFun Game Review

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Recently, I engaged in a fun social experiment with my kids, ages three and five, and a friend from kindergarten. I packed up the kids and a couple of board games and headed to a nearby kid-friendly chain restaurant to find out whether games are a fun distraction, or whether I could actually help my kids develop better social skills through cooperative game play. Because let’s be honest here, mom friends: unless you’ve got a Mary Poppins on staff, toddlers and kindies can use a little help in the social skills department.

We brought two games along to test my theory: Tibbar’s Find My ABC’s and Find My 123’s Puzzles and Bubbles & Puddles, both from SimplyFun.

Together in one bundle, Tibbar’s Find My ABCs and Find My 123s will take your child on a learning adventure. Your preschooler will delight in assembling each oversized floor puzzle while learning the alphabet, numbers 1 thru 10, and colors at the same time! (Ages 4 and up)