The First Years of a Child’s Life Are the Most Critical


World peace, where everyone positively responds to the world around them, is largely dependent upon the positive “wiring” of a child’s brain during the early years of her life.

A baby is born with a few prewired pathways in her brain. They have little wiring for hearing, primitive amounts of wiring for vision and some wiring in the lower functioning part of the brain called the cerebellum. This is the area responsible for the most basic functions necessary for survival.

The higher functioning parts of the brain, areas of skill such as language, critical thinking, self-regulation and motor control are not yet wired. They become wired through the experiences the child receives through their senses.

If a child is in a “toxic stress” environment – which is caused by persistent problems such as poverty, instability, abuse, neglect, violence, exposure to adults with drug and alcohol abuse, and untreated mental illness – children rely on the primitive areas of the brain to handle stress. Sadly, the areas of the brain handling rational decision-making and emotional control go undeveloped, leaving an imbalance in the brain. This results in poor problem solving, hyperactivity, poor impulse control, anxiety, impulsiveness and lack of empathy.

A happy, healthy child comes from an environment where her needs are met. By meeting your child’s needs with proper nutrition, love and care, your child will learn she can depend on you and feel safe; setting the stage for frontal lobe development. This is the area that is responsible for emotional control and rational decision-making.

Sing n’ Sprout’s “Family n’ Me” classes are intended to provide a warm, bonding environment rich in brain development activities for caregivers and their children, birth through five years old.

One of the activities we do in class is to move n’ groove to our favorite Bible verse song, “John 3:16 … HUH!”

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