HD_MagazineCollageHello, Dearest is a movement of women raising the world together. We celebrate the uniqueness of every woman’s journey.

In every way we connect our community — through our quarterly print magazine, blog and social media outlets – we seek to inspire each mom as a whole woman knowing she is a past, present and future, a set of hopes and fears uniquely hers, a wife and sister, daughter and friend, as well as a nurturer of little people.

We strive to make sure every mom knows she’s welcome here, knowing the thing connecting us is the desire to be the best moms possible.

As the group of women collectively raising the next generation of the world, we want to be a part of honest conversation, a chorus of voices seeking each other as we walk boldly toward hard questions, finding restoration and seeking hope.


In everything we publish, we seek to inspire moms. We want to be willing to say, “This is the way things really are,” “These are my honest questions,” “Here are the things in my life that seem bigger than me,” knowing it is in the vulnerable conversations that we can make the most progress toward restoring the future for the next generation.


We are a community of moms from every corner of the country, and more than 30 other countries around the world. Our community spans every socioeconomic, marital status, origin of mothering, race, religious denomination, age and lifestyle spectrum because we believe we mother best when we mother together.

Every woman’s story is valuable, and we seek to make a safe place by acknowledging that one choice doesn’t change the value or validity of another.

Family provides roots

Every act of mothering is significant because family is where children build the foundation for their futures. In every way possible we seek to provide practical resources for moms, and a safe place to fail because we know from experience motherhood includes both triumphs and failures, and both are required for moms to expand to their potential.

And we believe all of it is worth it, because each child is a gift.

There is a woman inside the mother

Before motherhood, each woman was uniquely created with a past, present and future story, passions and gifts given to her to give the world, and a personality all her own. When she became a mother, this added to the shape of her story, coloring it with new extensions of herself. In everything we write, we aim to nurture the woman who still exists inside the mother.

There is hope in the story

Every sojourn involves struggle, setback and tragedy because this is the plight of life on Earth. We believe in the midst of every epic exists hope and redemption, and we seek to find them at every opportunity.

How to get involved.

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Plus, as our way of saying welcome to the tribe, you’ll receive a fun welcome kit when you subscribe. It is delivered right to your doorstep and full of inspiration.

While we’re talking about ways to get involved …

Friend, there are groups of like-minded moms in your community who meet regularly to celebrate and encourage one another.

Hello, Dearest lives under the wing of MOPS International, an organization creating communities of moms because moms are world influencers. Find a group near you.

We connect moms all of the world to a community of women, in their own neighborhoods, who meet together to laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood.

Want to write for us? Here’s all you need to know.

Calls for submission

We will post calls for submissions on our blog in the “we love” section. We will do a call for submissions every month based on the upcoming theme for the blog. And we’ll do a call for submissions quarterly based on the needs of the magazine. The easiest way to access them will be through the tag: writers needed.

Regular types of material needed

On the blog:

  • Recipes (with step-by-step photos)
  • Practical home ideas
  • DIY (with photos)
  • Play ideas
  • Parenting experts
  • Make-up/fashion/beauty tips
  • And, of course, stories about parenting, mothering and woman-related issues. And we’re always up for a good tear-jerker or something to get us laughing.

What are we not publishing?

We do not publish fiction, individual reviews on divisive issues (including doctrinal or political issues), devotions or Bible studies, book or product reviews.

How to Submit

To add your voice to the conversation, send your submission to content@mops.org.

For more information, see our writer’s guidelines.