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Hello Dearest,

This morning I woke up to a mess: my kitchen, my living room and my streamlined morning routine. This was the aftermath of my evening (turned into late night) dancing with my kids. I traded in clearing the dinner table, running the dishwasher and abandoning work emails for moving the furniture out of our living room to create a dance space, setting up the laptop to follow a video dance tutorial and staying up way too late (even past my bedtime) to perfect the final dance run-through. We had so much fun, but honestly, this morning, I was regretting my “reckless” decision as I estimated the additional effort and time it would take to do all the tasks I skipped out on last night. I had to mentally and emotionally affirm the importance of the intangibles – spending time with my kiddos, laughing and dancing with them until I literally peed my pants.

With a deep sigh, I accepted the consequences of the morning-after, as I stepped over the ottoman in the hallway, rummaged through the cupboard for a clean coffee mug and pushed aside the dinner plates on the kitchen table. And then I proceeded to watch the sweetest YouTube video of me and my kiddos dancing the night away! I was reminded that it was all worth it.

So here’s to making reckless decisions and valuing those intangibles! I wish for you many messy mornings and memorable videos!


Jinny + The Hello, Dearest Staff

With Love

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